The Farmland Bird Aid Network

Donations to buy millet, oilseed rape and wheat/barley are welcome. All donations will help to support farmland birds through the winter. You can give regularly or a one-off amount and all donations are appreciated, whatever the amount.

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Farmland Bird Aid Network relies on donations from generous benefactors to feed the farmland birds during the hungry gap (December to March). The charity is run solely by unpaid volunteers.

If you can donate, even a small amount, it will help our charity to continue to support more farmland birds.

Your donations will be used to buy more seed to be used for supplemental feeding through the winter.

Oilseed rape

Oilseed rape has small oil-rich seeds, which provide energy for seed-eating birds such as linnets.


Millet is rich in starches, and the small seed size is good for birds such as yellowhammers.

Wheat and tailings

Wheat is again, rich in starch, and the tailings (the leftover siftings from the harvest) contain the weed seeds, which the birds love.